Which of the following would be representative of "little corruption"

Question : Which of the following would be representative of "little corruption" : 2139061

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Which of the following would be representative of "little corruption"?

A) Organizational deviance

B) Corruption with no national implications

C) Trivial, less costly deviance

D) Bribery or corruption by individuals

2) Which of the following is an example of public corruption?

A) Unskilled relative hired as a policy analyst

B) Drug use

C) Use of a prostitute

D) Sexual relations with an intern in the Oval Office

3) "Little corruption" in the highest level of federal executive office has been:

A) occurring at regular intervals.

B) nonexistent.

C) rare.

D) persistent.

4) In Washington, D.C., what now rivals or exceeds power as the preeminent goal?

A) Political connections

B) Money

C) Political aspirations

D) Fame

5) Inspectors in the Department of Agriculture have done all of the following except:

A) failed to condemn beef infected with e. Coli bacteria.

B) ignored a shipment infested with insects.

C) allowed adulterated food into the country.

D) misgraded, substandard or adulterated grain.

6) Melvyn Paisley was an Assistant Secretary of the Navy for six years and was in charge of:

A) product research.

B) procurement.

C) vendor services.

D) investigators.

7) Paisley and others committed all of the following except:

A) arguing for more lenient treatment of government contractors who tried to cheat the government.

B) altering requirements to suit favored vendors.

C) having a financial interest in a subcontractor selected by the Navy.

D) giving bid information to favored vendors.

8) One of the busiest border crossings into the United States is:

A) San Diego.

B) El Paso.

C) Sonora.

D) San Ysidro.

9) Soft money is:

A) restricted.

B) undocumented.

C) unrestricted.

D) untraceable.

10) What may be the most important factor at the core of corruption surrounding some Border Patrol Agents?

A) weak internal controls

B) greed

C) poor morale

D) inadequate training

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