Which of the following statements about neural networks is not true?

Question : Which of the following statements about neural networks is not true? : 2141836

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
72) Which of the following statements about neural networks is not true?
A) Neural networks are being used to help detect credit card fraud.
B) Neural networks are being used to screen patients for coronary artery disease.
C) Neural network applications are used to address problems of control and optimization.
D) Neural networks are being used to predict corporate bankruptcies.
E) Neural networks only need a small amount of data to identify patterns.
73) All of the following are intelligent agents that are able to respond to human voice commands with useful information in voice or written form except:
A) Microsoft's Cortana.
B) Amazon's Alexa.
C) Apple's Siri.
D) Facebook's DeepFace.
E) Google Now.
74) Expert systems:
A) use rules based on human expertise.
B) solve problems too difficult for human experts.
C) share characteristics with mainframe computing.
D) are based on DO WHILE rules.
E) are a type of machine- based intelligence.
75) Expert systems are used when:
A) senior managers need reports on overall business performance.
B) patterns of consumer behavior need to be investigated.
C) the knowledge of individual experts in an organization needs to be captured.
D) big data needs to be analyzed.
E) predictions for the future are required.
76) An inference engine is:
A) a method of organizing expert system knowledge into chunks.
B) a strategy used to search through the rule base in an expert system.
C) a data mining strategy used by intelligent agents.
D) a set of rules used to model human knowledge in an expert system.
E) the programming environment of an expert system.
77) Which of the following is not a limitation of expert systems?
A) The knowledge base can be chaotic.
B) Experts are often unable to explain how they make decisions,
C) They are expensive to build.
D) They cannot consider multiple rules at a single time.
E) They do not scale well to deal with very large data sets.
78) Which of the following represents knowledge as a set of rules?
A) Expert systems
B) Robotics
C) Genetic algorithms
D) Neural networks
E) Machine learning systems
79) ________ are pattern detection programs.
A) Robotics
B) Intelligent agents
C) Genetic algorithms
D) Neural networks
E) Expert systems
80) Genetic algorithms:
A) are software programs that work in the background to carry out specific, repetitive tasks.
B) develop solutions to particular problems using techniques such as mutation, crossover, and selection.
C) represent knowledge as groups of characteristics.
D) have a large number of sensing and processing nodes that continuously interact with each other.
E) "learn" patterns from large quantities of data by sifting through data.
81) To find the cheapest airline fare to a particular location, a firm would most likely use a(n):
A) neural network.
B) genetic algorithm.
C) augmented reality system.
D) CAD system.
E) intelligent agent.

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