Which of the following is not considered a chart element

Question : Which of the following is not considered a chart element : 2162420

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Which of the following is not considered a chart element?

A) Legend

B) Chart area

C) Background

D) Plot area

22) Which of the following is best to display trends over time?

A) A line chart

B) A column chart

C) A pie chart

D) A clustered column chart

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

23) A PowerPoint theme includes backgrounds, colors, and a unified design.

24) When you display the list of theme fonts, the name of each theme and two fonts are displayed.

25) Very few of the PowerPoint 2019 themes contain graphic elements that display on the slide background.

26) You can hide background graphics on slides if they interfere or obstruct text or objects on the slides.

27) Use the Shift key to select noncontiguous slides.

28) A picture can be inserted on a slide background to fill the entire slide.

29) A 10% transparency setting on an image background typically offers good contrast with the text still clearly visible but with the image displaying in vibrant colors.

30) Animation can be a sound effect as well as a visual effect.

31) An exit effect can be used for text on the screen, but cannot be used for an object.

32) The order of animations on a slide are indicated by A, B, C, etc.

33) You can change the order of animations on a slide with the Reorder Animation button.

34) Animation Painter can copy animation settings from one object on one slide to another object on another slide.

35) When a video is inserted on a slide, it displays in the middle of the slide.

36) To trim a video refers to resizing the display of the video.

37) When you compress a video, the display quality is enhanced.

38) The Distribute Rows command adjusts the height of the rows in a table so all are equal.

39) When the mouse pointer changes to a right-pointing arrow when on the left side of a table, an entire row will be selected.

40) A table style can modify and format the look of a table so it coordinates well with the presentation.

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