Which of the following is not one of the unique considerations in developing applications for a mobile platform?

Question : Which of the following is not one of the unique considerations in developing applications for a mobile platform? : 2141888

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
48) Which of the following is not one of the unique considerations in developing applications for a mobile platform?
A) Reduced screen space
B) Multiple mobile platforms
C) User gestures
D) Bandwidth constraints
E) The telephone service provider
49) The oldest method for building information systems is:
A) object-oriented development.
B) the systems development life cycle.
E) prototyping.
50) In the traditional systems development life cycle, end users:
A) have no input.
B) contribute only during testing.
C) are limited to providing information requirements and reviewing the technical staff's work.
D) are important only during the conversion phase.
E) contribute heavily throughout development.
51) As a technical project manager, you have decided to propose implementing a prototyping methodology for a small web-based design project. What is the first step you will follow in this project?
A) Identify user requirements.
B) Develop an initial prototype.
C) Use the existing prototype.
D) Identify different solutions.
E) Conduct a feasibility study.
52) Which of the following is the biggest risk in using end-user development to create a new information system?
A) The system doesn't adequately reflect user needs.
B) Hardware is unable to support the new system.
C) The system may not be able to scale up to handle larger amounts of data.
D) The software used may create inaccurate information.
E) End users are overly taxed and become reluctant to use the system.
53) Of the following, which is the most important reason for creating a mobile version of a business's website?
A) Mobile devices provide access from anywhere.
B) Mobile websites use different programming than traditional websites.
C) Mobile devices use touch interfaces.
D) Mobile devices use different platforms.
E) Mobile devices use lower bandwidth.
54) ________ is a stand-alone application designed to run on a specific mobile platform and device.
A) A responsive mobile web app
B) A mobile website
C) A native app
E) A mobile browser
55) If an organization's requirements conflict with the software package chosen, and the package cannot be customized, the organization should:
A) change the evaluation process.
B) change its procedures.
C) outsource the development of the system.
D) redesign the RFP.
E) select a different package.
56) "Hidden costs," such as ________ costs, can easily undercut anticipated benefits from outsourcing.
A) communications
B) hardware
C) software
D) vendor selection
E) employee salary
57) The process of creating workable information systems in a very short period of time is called:
A) end-user development.
B) prototyping.
E) Systems life cycle.

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