Which of the following is not one of the six main elements of the business intelligence

Question : Which of the following is not one of the six main elements of the business intelligence : 2141828

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
27) Which of the following is not one of the six main elements of the business intelligence environment?
A) Organizational culture
B) Data from the business environment
C) Delivery platform
D) User interface
E) Business analytics toolset
28) Which of the following would be a typical parameterized report for an organization's marketing group?
A) Marketing campaign effectiveness
B) Variability of sales by region and time
C) Impressions and conversion on the firm's website
D) Sales forecast for a single product
E) Customer satisfaction report
29) In a dashboard, users can:
A) drill down to more finely grained information.
B) view data according to different dimensions of the data.
C) predict future outcomes according to changing circumstances.
D) view overall firm performance data.
E) create their own reports based on custom queries.
30) Which of the following BI functionalities would you use to assess the likelihood of students dropping out of a college program?
A) Predictive analytics
B) Ad hoc queries
C) Production reports
D) Balanced scorecard
E) Parameterized reports
31) What is the name of a decision support tool that asks what-if questions repeatedly to predict outcomes in a variety of situations?
A) Ad hoc query
B) Sensitivity analysis
C) Predictive analytics
D) Pivot table
E) Key performance indicators
32) Why is the balanced scorecard method said to be "balanced"?
A) It causes managers to focus on more than just financial performance.
B) It measures performance of all levels of a firm, from executives to operational employees and data workers.
C) It measures performance along all major divisions of a firm, from production and manufacturing to human resources.
D) It uses measurable dimensions for assessing performance.
E) It assesses both the internally focused and externally focused business processes.
33) What kind of decision-making tool could help you develop a recommended system for your firm's website which has over 1 million visitors a month?
A) Sensitivity analysis
B) Big data analytics
C) Goal seeking
D) Forecasting
E) Simulation
34) Backward sensitivity analysis software is used for:
A) reverse forecasting.
B) customer analysis.
C) historical what-if analysis.
D) goal seeking.
E) supply chain optimization.
35) Which type of information system uses data visualization technology to analyze and display data for planning and decision making in the form of digitized maps?
36) According to the chapter case, which statement is not true about Siemens AG's use of process mining software?
A) Siemens used processing mining tools to learn how quickly it pays its suppliers.
B) The process mining software was enthusiastically adopted by Siemens' managers.
C) Siemens used process mining software to study inefficiencies in the way it takes orders from and is paid by its customers.
D) The process mining software used by Siemens uses artificial intelligence techniques to create process models.
E) The processing mining software used by Siemens can analyze millions of transaction records and spot deviations from normal workflows.

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