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Question : Which of the following an effective practice in building teams

Which of the following is an effective practice in building teams that are cohesive and have high-performance norms? Keeping the team as large as possible Tying regards to individual performance Publicizing the team's success among superiors Maintaining low entrance standards Being an autocratic leader is intended to alleviate boredom by giving people different things to do at different times. Free riding Social loafing Job feedback Job rotation Job enlargement Which of the following is an advantage of oral communication? The message can be revised several times before being released. The receiver has more time to analyze the message. The message becomes a permanent record that can be saved. The message remains the same even after it is relayed through others. The receiver can gauge the sender's sincerity. An interference in the communication process that blocks perfect understanding is referred to as: reinforcement. ambiguity. a cue. noise. an amplifier

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