Which country has the highest rate of cybervictimization

Question : Which country has the highest rate of cybervictimization : 2141848

18) Which country has the highest rate of cybervictimization?

A) United States

B) England

C) North Korea

D) China

19) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic noted by Anderson and colleagues in 2012?

A) Traditional crimes that have changed with the advent of the Internet

B) Traditional crimes that are now "cyber" because they are conducted online

C) New crimes that have been originated since the advent of the Internet

D) Crimes that facilitate other crimes through the proper use of computers

20) Which of the following is MOST true?

A) Cyber terrorism does not pose as great a threat as digital crime

B) Cyber crime and digital terrorism are not on parallel tracks

C) The processes and dynamics involved in the production of cyber crime and cyber terrorism are virtually the same

D) Cyber crime is another term for digital terrorism

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

21) Computer "vandalism" falls under the category of crimes where the computer is a target.

23) Rapid growth in the computer security industry has largely occurred without adequate research on the nature of cybercrimes and criminals.

25) Estimates on the cost of cybercrime are largely derived from criminal reports.

26) Computerized theft never deprives a legitimate owner of a tangible asset.

27) Identity theft is probably the most feared online crime.

28) The full extent of the cost of cybercrime is hard to determine, in part, because some government and law enforcement officials tend to underreport or underestimate these costs in order to manage public perceptions and potential fears about the problem.

29) It is relatively easy to place a monetary value on the indirect costs.

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