Where do most of the rebellious ethnic groups of Burma (Myanmar) live

Question : Where do most of the rebellious ethnic groups of Burma (Myanmar) live : 2161273

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

61) Where do most of the rebellious ethnic groups of Burma (Myanmar) live?

A) in the port cities of Burma

B) in middle-sized municipalities

C) in the capital city

D) just across the border in Thailand

E) in frontier regions, far from the urban areas of the nation

62) What minority population, located in western Burma, is often referred to as the "most persecuted ethnic group in the world"

A) Tamil

B) Shan

C) Karen

D) Rohingya

E) Khmer

63) What is the mission of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)?

A) ASEAN is a free-trade association, like NAFTA or the European Union.

B) ASEAN's primary goal is to clean up the environment in the region.

C) ASEAN fosters regional cooperation and regional coherence.

D) ASEAN was created to improve education in the region.

E) ASEAN is a military alliance (like NATO).

64) What waterway key to international shipping in Southeast Asia is also notorious for piracy?

A) Strait of Malacca

B) Philippine Sea

C) Gulf of Thailand

D) South China Sea

E) Java Sea

65) Which two nations in the region have the highest GNI per capita?

A) Burma and Malaysia

B) Vietnam and Cambodia

C) Singapore and Brunei

D) Thailand and Laos

E) Indonesia and the Philippines

66) The Philippines

A) has the second highest PPP in Southeast Asia.

B) owes much of its lack of economic success to the crony capitalism and corruption of Ferdinand Marcos.

C) has a communist economic system.

D) has banned migration to other countries.

E) is by far the wealthiest nation in Southeast Asia

67) Which nation with a large English-speaking population has become a major "call-center" for American companies for customers to contact when they need IT support?

A) Malaysia

B) Philippines

C) Singapore

D) Vietnam

E) Laos

68) Which nation has transformed itself from an entrepôt into a major nexus for banking, communications and biotechnological research?

A) Singapore

B) Philippines

C) Vietnam

D) Laos

E) Malaysia

69) Which statement best describes the economy and political system in Singapore?

A) Singapore suffers from corruption due to its dictatorial regime.

B) The government of Singapore is overtly democratic which has attracted political activists across the region from nations which are far more repressive.

C) The political system and economy is molded on that of the United States, of which Singapore was once a colony.

D) The government of Singapore is extremely repressive and the result is a stagnant economy.

E) Singapore has a somewhat authoritarian government which curtails certain civil liberties, but has resulted in a corruption-free society that embraces capitalism and has high standards of living.

70) Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the socioeconomic situation in Malaysia?

A) Malaysia is the recipient of well-educated citizens of other Southeast Asian nations who lose them to Malaysia as a result of the "brain drain."

B) Tribal peoples within Malaysia have some of the highest levels of education and wealth.

C) Malaysia's industrial wealth is concentrated in the hands of the Chinese minority.

D) The Bumiputra policies were promulgated to assist the economically disadvantaged Chinese and Indian minority populations of Malaysia.

E) Ethnic Malays tend to be better educated and wealthier than the Chinese and Indian minorities.

71) Which nation in Southeast Asia engages in a controversial policy of wealth transfer to the "Bumiputra"?

A) Laos

B) Vietnam

C) Philippines

D) Malaysia

E) Singapore

72) Why was Indonesia so poor when it gained its independence from the Dutch in 1949?

A) Indonesia had no marketable products.

B) Civil war drained resources and stifled manufacturing.

C) The Dutch had used Indonesia largely for its tropical crops and invested little in transportation, health, or education in the region.

D) Indonesia had accumulated high levels of international debt.

E) It suffered several years of drought and famine.

73) What country has Vietnam emulated as it works to improve its economy?

A) India

B) South Korea

C) Japan

D) United States

E) China

74) In which mainland nation of Southeast Asia has coffee become a growing export commodity?

A) Vietnam

B) Thailand

C) Laos

D) Burma

E) Cambodia

75) The monuments of Angkor Wat bring in almost half a million foreign tourists a year into which nation?

A) Thailand

B) Cambodia

C) Laos

D) Vietnam

E) Burma

76) What is the main cause of Burma's (Myanmar's) lack of economic development?

A) an international economic embargo

B) a lack of resources

C) economic policy

D) internal warfare and economic policy

E) internal warfare

77) What is education like in Southeast Asia?

A) a good education system, including basic, technical, and university education

B) an inadequate education system, with little attention paid to basic education, and even less to technical and university education

C) emphasis on basic and university education, but inadequate attention given to technical education

D) emphasis on basic and technical education, but inadequate attention given to graduate-school education

E) emphasis on basic education, but inadequate attention given to university and technical education

78) What Muslim people of western Sumatra live in what cultural anthropologists deem a "modern matriarchy" where women have a great deal of autonomy over their households?

A) Minangkabau

B) Jemaah Islamiyah

C) Aceh

D) Balinese

E) Malays

79) Thailand has the dubious distinction of being one of the world's centers for this illicit activity.

A) prostitution

B) money laundering

C) arms trading

D) gambling

E) opium growing

80) What do the cities of Pattaya, Thailand and Angeles City, Philippines have in common?

A) They are national capitals

B) They are free trade zones.

C) They are known for prostitution.

D) They are the home of casino gambling.

E) They are mining towns.

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

81) Discuss the monsoon climates of Southeast Asia.

82) What are the major environmental issues confronting Southeast Asia? How serious are they, and what steps have been taken to deal with them?

83) What are the three farming patterns that are found in Southeast Asia, and generally where are each of these patterns found?

84) What is transmigration and what is its importance in Southeast Asia?

85) Describe the religious geography of contemporary Southeast Asia, making certain to address how the landscape has shifted over time.

86) How have the Chinese influenced cultural diversity in Southeast Asia historically as well as today?

87) What factors contributed to the origin and course of the Vietnam War? What were the important effects of the war on neighboring countries, and with what results?

88) Fifty years ago, the Philippines was the most highly developed Southeast Asian country and was considered to have a very bright economic future. However, by the 1980s and 1990s the Philippines' economy took a sharp downturn. Please explain the factors that contributed to this nation's economic change.

89) Singapore has been hailed as an economic success story but critics often paint it in a negative light. Explain how Singapore has become an economic success while describing where it has gained criticism

90) Pick two countries in Southeast Asia and describe and explain their economic growth (or lack thereof) over the last three or so decades. Choose one nation which has been a success and one which has been a failure so as to have a clear compare-and-contrast response.

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