When you create a new Word document, you have the option to create

Question : When you create a new Word document, you have the option to create : 2162332

SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.

61) When you create a new Word document, you have the option to create a blank document or use a preformatted ________.

62) ________ are sets of related commands displayed within the current active tab within Microsoft Office programs.

63) In Office 2019 programs, the mouse ________ is any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse device.

64) When you select an object for editing, the ________ displays commands that are commonly used with the selected object.

65) When Word or PowerPoint detects a possible misspelling, you can click the ________ icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the Spelling pane.

66) ________ is the inside color of a page or object.

67) ________ refers to the placement of text or objects relative to the left and right margins.

68) A(n) ________ is any disk drive, folder, or other place where you can store files and folders.

69) When you click the File tab, ________ view displays.

70) On the Save As screen, when you click ________, the Save As dialog box displays.

71) The page number, date, and other relevant document data are often stored in the ________ at the bottom of each page in a document.

72) Adding keywords, also called ________, to the document properties makes a file easier to search for.

73) Use the ________ command to increase or decrease the viewing area on the screen.

74) On the ribbon, a ________ refers to a set of related commands on a tab for a specific task.

75) Green lines that display to help you align objects with margins or at the center of a page are referred to as ________ guides.

76) ________ shows you the result of applying an editing or formatting change before you commit to applying it.

77) In ________ orientation, the paper is taller than it is wide.

78) An easy way to zoom in or zoom out is to drag the zoom ________ in the lower right corner of the screen.

79) A predesigned set of fonts, colors, line, and fill effects that look good together is a(n) ________.

80) A font ________ such as bold or italic emphasizes text and is a visual cue to draw the reader's eye to important text.

81) To enable the Format Painter to remain active for multiple selections, ________ on the Format Painter icon.

82) The ________ is a temporary storage area that holds text or graphics that you select and then cut or copy.

83) ________ text helps people using a screen reader to understand the content of pictures.

84) The Check ________ command checks for features that may not be supported by earlier versions of Office.

85) Insert a(n) ________ when you have a specific spot in the text you want to be able to access quickly without scrolling through the entire document.

86) To find a new App for Office, you can search the ________ Store.

87) Match the following parts of the Windows 10 desktop to their description.

I. Contextual tab

II. Address bar

III. Scroll bar

IV. Scroll box

V. Scroll arrow

A. Displays when the contents of a window are not completely visible

B. Displays your current location in the folder structure

C. Displays on the ribbon when a specific object is selected

D. Used to bring the contents of the window into view

E. Allows you to move within the window in small increments

88) Match the following terms to their description.


II. Pointer

III. Pointing device

IV. Pen

V. Icon

A. Uses graphics such as an image of a file folder or wastebasket

B. Any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse

C. Small image that represents a command, file, application, or other window

D. Also called a stylus

E. Used to control the pointer

89) Match the following terms to their meanings.

I. Data

II. File

III. Folder

IV. Clipboard

V. Drive

A. A temporary storage area for information you have copied or moved

B. A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name

C. A container in which you can group and store documents, images, and so on

D. An area of storage that is formatted with a file system compatible with your operating system

E. All of the documents, spreadsheets, and so on that you store during the day-to-day use of your computer

90) Match the following terms with their definition.

I. Desktop app

II. Windows app

III. Template

IV. App

V. Windows 10

A. Requires a computer operating system to run

B. A self-contained program usually designed for a single purpose

C. A preformatted document that you can use as a starting point and change as needed

D. The current Microsoft operating system

E. Runs on all Windows device families

91) Match the following screen elements with their description.

I. Quick Access Toolbar

II. Ribbon

III. Ribbon tabs

IV. Status bar

V. Title bar

A. Displays a group of task-oriented tabs

B. Default commands include Save, Undo, and Redo

C. The window control buttons are grouped on the right side

D. Displays the names of the task-oriented tabs relevant to the open program

E. Displays file information on the left

92) Match the following terms with their definition.

I. Insertion point

II. Pointer

III. Keyboard shortcut

IV. Mini toolbar

V. Selecting

A. Moves in response to moving your mouse device

B. Performs a task that would otherwise require a mouse

C. Displays commands that are commonly used with the selected object

D. A blinking vertical line that indicates where text or graphics will be inserted

E. Highlighting

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