When service surpasses the guest's expectations, the guest may

Question : When service surpasses the guest's expectations, the guest may : 2162214

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Servers are the individuals that become the "________" of a restaurant.

A) builders

B) personality

C) money makers

D) backbone

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

22) When service surpasses the guest's expectations, the guest may feel that the server has gone "beyond the call of duty," which is rewarded by a generous tip and the desire to return often. The reality is that often this perception is achieved via the simplest levels of "reading the needs" correctly. List and briefly describe 5 possibilities for "reading the needs."

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

23) A POS system can provide a platform for a complete restaurant management system.

24) Restaurant websites are expensive to develop but pay off if an effective kitchen management display system is included.

25) As technology advances, restaurants can facilitate integration with the guest’s devices for menu ordering and guest check payment.

26) An online reservation system assists the manager and host with planning labor needs and effective seating.

27) A guest paging system that alerts guests when an available table is ready must still include a public address system for the host to announce names.

28) Employee training can be accomplished in a restaurant through the POS system which replaces the traditional printed training manuals or training CD's.

29) Handheld touch-screen tablets speed up service and allow the server to take orders directly at the table.

30) A POS system can automatically record and report all time and attendance information as employees sign in at the start of a scheduled shift and sign out at the end of the shift.

31) Menu item modifiers are typically used for guest drink orders sent to the bar.

32) Most POS systems only have the capacity to improve customer service by 20 to 30 percent.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

33) When technology is properly implemented the results are reflected in:

A) better customer parking

B) employee success and increased productivity

C) improved guest service

D) answer B and C

34) An online reservations system makes it easy for guests to reserve tables:

A) through the restaurant's own website

B) through the online reservation system's website

C) through the restaurant's reservation book

D) answer A and B

35) Table management software can suggest a table for the host to seat the next guest on the waitlist based on programmed variables such as server availability and:

A) table size

B) kitchen load

C) turnover time

D) all of the above

36) Table management software can suggest the waiting time to the greeting host based on ________, and the historical turn time of the current meal period.

A) the back-up in the kitchen

B) the speed of the individual servers

C) the number of parties waiting to be seated

D) answer A and C

37) A kitchen production screen may consist of a graphical order display, ________, ________, and a table number flash.

A) cooks' work schedules, servers' shift schedules

B) table numbers, recipe costs

C) bump bars, speed of service displays

D) answer A and B

38) Typically, guest loyalty, VIP cards, and opt-in newsletters are examples of:

A) customer sales linked software

B) product management software

C) back office software

D) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs

39) A common POS function is a "send" order which allows all the items entered at any given point to print immediately at their appropriate printer or display screen, such as in the:

A) host stand and manager's office

B) purchasing and receiving office

C) food and liquor storerooms

D) kitchen and the bar

40) By implementing a ________ ordering system, restaurants may experience increased employee productivity, higher seat turnover rates, and increased menu item sales.

A) Tabletop Tablet

B) Menu Dollar Management

C) Drive-up

D) Customer Relationship

41) Discounts and incentives offered to guests and tracked via the POS; and, also used to profile buying habits for target marketing and promotions.

A) Maximum Sales Program

B) Menu Dollar Management

C) Customer Trend Tracking

D) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Application

42) A common POS function includes multiple price levels that allow the restaurant to offer any happy hour or early bird pricing that may be needed, and can be changed ________ and ________ automatically.

A) by the time of the day, day of the week

B) by the time of the day, will function

C) by the day of the week, will function

D) by the system programmer, will function

43) This application allows for certain POS events to trigger a message to managers via a pager, text, or email; events that concern loss prevention and security, long ticket time in the kitchen or a long waiting time for guests to be seated.

A) Customer Facing application

B) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application

C) Alert Manager Application

D) none of the above

44) POS management reports may include product management with inventory control, ordering, receiving, and supplier bids –transaction analysis of sales activities, and:

A) labor management with labor scheduling

B) manager's work sheet

C) employee time and attendance reporting

D) answer A and C

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

45) A POS system is fast and easy to use, increases operating efficiencies, facilitates better financial management, and improves customer services. List 5 ways a POS system accomplished these functions:

46) Explain 3 server pre-check features that a POS system can provide:

47) When using tabletop tablets the following may occur (list five):

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