When a cake is requested for a wedding, anniversary, birthday

Question : When a cake is requested for a wedding, anniversary, birthday : 2162219

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

41) When a cake is requested for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or special event dinner, the foodservice operator should have:

A) the kitchen staff available to decorate the cake

B) several frozen cakes available as choices

C) a choice of two or three specialty bakeries that could fulfill the order

D) pictures of cakes

42) There are occasions that may include bar service, such as prior to a dinner. The bar service can function as follows:

A) open bar

B) open bar / cash bar combination

C) cash bar

D) all of the above

43) ________ service it the typical method of service for most banquet and catered events.

A) American

B) Cart

C) Buffet

D) English

44) The average single line buffet can comfortably accommodate ________ to ________ guests within 15 minutes.

A) 40, 50

B) 35, 40

C) 20, 25

D) 25, 35

45) The speed at which a buffet line moves will be determined by the ________ and extent of the food presentation.

A) size of the serving utensils

B) appetite of the people

C) age of the people in the line

D) variety of foods

46) When serving unusual food items or items not easily recognized on a buffet line, ________ should be conveniently placed next to the item.

A) the name of the item printed on a small card

B) a separate severing dish

C) several small sample cups

D) a small spoon for tasting

47) The size of the room determines the seating capacity for banquet, round, and conference size tables. If banquet table seating (long tables lined up in a row) is planned then the total square footage of the room is divided by ________.

A) 6

B) 10

C) 12

D) 8

48) If traditional seating (individual or round tables) is planned then the total square footage of the room is divided by ________.

A) 13

B) 11

C) 15

D) 17

49) Table set-up should be well in advance of an event, allowing enough time to be thorough and complete; the tables set with the appropriate plates, beverage glasses, coffee cups, saucers, and flatware to accommodate the menu being served. Each table setting should be approximately ________ inches wide and ________ inches deep. This will allow a comfortable space for guest seating and dining as well as adequate serving room.

A) 24, 15

B) 26, 18

C) 26, 20

D) 22, 16

50) Tables and chairs should be arranged so that guests can be conveniently seated and served. Chairs, when in use, will normally extend 18 to 20 inches from the table edge and 18 inches in width. Allow ________ to ________ inches from back to back (when in occupied position) for comfortable service between tables.

A) 20, 26

B) 30, 36

C) 24, 30

D) 18, 20

51) Banquet tables can be arranged in several different configurations for dining, buffets, and elaborate food presentations such as:

A) U — shape

B) skirting shape

C) answer a and b

D) hollow shape

52) Servers are typically assigned ________ to ________ guests to serve, depending upon the menu and the method of service.

A) 18, 20

B) 12, 18

C) 16, 18

D) 14, 16

53) Chocolate fountains can fill a room with a delightful aroma as guests are attracted to dip food items from nearby trays. It is essential to have:

A) an attendant readily available to wipe up messy drips

B) frill picks for easy dipping

C) fresh fruit and marshmallows

D) Swiss chocolate

54) The rule for displaying flags is as follows: When the United States flag is displayed with the flags of other countries, states, schools, colleges, universities, clubs, and various organizations on a stage or as part of a room display, the United States flag should be placed to the ________ of any other flag and slightly higher than the flag of another country. When a speaker is addressing an audience, however, and flags are beside or behind the podium, the United States flag should be place to the speaker's ________ as he or she faces the audience. Other flags should be to the speaker's ________.

A) left, left, right

B) right, right, left

C) right, left, right

D) left, right, left

55) A service or administrative fee of ________ to ________ percent of the total food and beverage charge is typically added to the final bill.

A) 10, 15

B) 20, 25

C) 25, 30

D) 8, 12

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

56) Buffet service allows guests to choose among the food items being presented and serve themselves. The arrangement presents the food items in their natural order. The typical buffet is set up in the following order beginning with the serving plates: List the items in the order of presentation:

57) If a room is 40 by 60 and traditional seating (individual or round tables) is planned, what is the room's seating capacity? Show how the correct answer is determined.

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