What will the population be in 2050? It estimated by

Question : What will the population be in 2050? It estimated by : 8318

What will the population be in 2050? It is estimated by the United Nations for the population of the world to be 9 billion people. That is an addition of 2 billion people. Energy agencies use population growth to help determine energy consumption. (Peak) Why does the world have such an increase in population? There are many things that aid in this growth, from newer medical technologies, cleanliness to food supply. Cheaper energy sources have also aided in this growth. As we look at energy sources, we need to realize that some are at its maximum of producing energy and that may affect the population growth. (Peak) Sometimes we have to make decisions without having all of the information we might need. When this happens how do we make a decision that takes everyone's best interests involved into account? Population predictions can often be difficult to accurately determine, yet in order to make decisions and plans about our local communities and the global community we have to make some imperfect predictions about future populations in order to attempt to allocate resources for future generations. As the population continues to increase, what happens to our energy resources? Are we depleting energy resources? In this discussion, think about what powers the world and discuss whether these resources are limited or not? Choose a new technology for power sources and discuss (some examples are Fusion, Solar Panels, Windmills, etc). Prompt Now think about this on a more personal note and focus on yourself. If the world was running out of power sources, and you are asked to present your top 3 energy powered items that you would struggle losing (in your career and/or personal life)? If you had to limit your resources, which of these 3 would you choose to give up in order to keep your other 2 items that are power sourced?

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