What type of association meeting is usually the smallest

Question : What type of association meeting is usually the smallest : 2162222

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) What type of association meeting is usually the smallest?

A) Conventions

B) Training meetings

C) Board meetings

D) Educational seminars

2) What does "SMERF" stand for?

A) Social Military Educational Religious Fraternal

B) Social Market Exposition Return Fraternal

C) Society Military Educational Religious Fraternal

D) Society Market Exposition Return Fraternal

3) What does "EMC" stand for?

A) Exposition Market Community

B) E-mail Commerce

C) Exhibition Management Companies

D) Exhibition Market Commerce

4) Which of the following does not organize a meeting?

A) DMPs (Dependent Meeting Planners)



D) IMPs (Independent Meeting Planners)

5) Organizations of persons having a common interest, such as professional, industry, education, scientific, or social, are:

A) Corporations

B) Sponsors

C) Associations

D) Gatherings

6) A major difference between associations and corporate gatherings is:

A) Association attendance is mandatory.

B) Conference fees are paid with annual convention revenue.

C) Association meetings are attended by Board of Directors only.

D) None of the above

7) What is a type of corporate gathering?

A) Management meeting

B) Board meeting

C) Training meeting

D) All of the above

8) What type of meeting is usually led by an expert and allows participants to voice their views and experiences?

A) Board meeting

B) Training meeting

C) Regional conference

D) Educational meeting

9) Which of these sectors holds more meetings than any of the others, though their meetings are smaller than the meetings of other sectors?

A) Associations

B) Government

C) Religious groups

D) Corporations

10) ________ meetings are different from every other type of conference.

A) Association

B) Department

C) Government

D) Board

11) Which of the following is true about meetings and gatherings?

A) Corporate meetings are voluntary.

B) DMC stands for Deciding Meeting Centers.

C) Associations are concerned about price and the attractiveness of the location.

D) A gathering must be held in a convention center.

12) What are the trips that companies reward their top performers based on stated criteria?

A) Conventions

B) Incentive trips

C) Training seminars

D) All of the above

13) Who are able to attend stockholders meetings?

A) Anybody interested in buying stock in the company

B) Anybody who holds shares of a company

C) Company executives running the company itself

D) People who own 20% or more of the company

14) Which sector holds the most meetings?

A) Corporations

B) Not-for-profit organizations

C) Government

D) Associations

15) The top city holding meetings in 2013 in the Asia Pacific region was:

A) Paris

B) Singapore

C) Berlin

D) Barcelona

16) The top city hosting meetings in 2013 in the United States was:

A) Atlanta

B) Orlando

C) Chicago

D) Las Vegas

17) Legally chartered enterprises that conduct business on behalf of their owners with the purpose of making a profit and increasing its value is:

A) An association

B) A fraternity

C) A corporation

D) A convention

18) Which of the following is a professional association of the MEEC industry?

A) Meeting Professionals International

B) American Society of Association Executives

C) Center for Association Leadership

D) All of the above

19) What does PCMA stand for?

A) Professional Courtesy Meeting Association

B) Professional Convention Management Association

C) Private Corporation Management Association

D) None of the above

20) This term emerged in the meetings industry and involves the use of technology to help engage attendees during a meeting.

A) Smart Phone

B) Gamification

C) Tech Geek


TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

21) Cities derive more than 50% of their income from MEECs.

22) Trade shows are exhibits of products and services that are open to the public and may either be part of a convention or stand alone.

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