What is a GIS and what is it used for?

Question : What is a GIS and what is it used for? : 2141833

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.
66) What is a GIS and what is it used for?
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
67) Which of the following is not a major force driving the rapid evolution of AI?
A) The Internet of Things
B) Social media
C) The drastic increase in the cost of computer processing
D) E-commerce
E) The development of big data databases
68) Which of the following statements about the evolution of AI is not true?
A) In the last decade, there have been numerous fundamental conceptual breakthroughs in AI.
B) The growth in the power of processors has been a secondary driver in the rapid evolution of AI.
C) In the last decade, significant progress has been made in the evolution of AI.
D) The growth of AI has relied on the refinement of algorithms by tens of thousands of AI software engineers and university AI research centers, along with significant investments from business and governments.
E) Advances in AI have made possible personal assistants like Apple's Siri.
TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.
69) AI programs differ from traditional software programs in the techniques they use to input and process data.
70) AI systems today are not yet capable of performing tasks that humans cannot accomplish.

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