We wish to compute x2 3 dx K. -3 x3

Question : We wish to compute x2 3 dx K. -3 x3 : 82839

We wish to compute x2 3 dx K. -3 x3 4x2 16x 64. (i) We begin by factorizing the denominator of the rational function. We get x3 +4x2 -16x-64 (x a) b? for a b What are a and b b Number a Number (i) Next, we express the fraction in the form x2 3 x3 4x2 16x 64 x- b? Give the exact values of A, B and C (iii) Finally, we use this partial fraction decomposition to compute the integral. Give its approximate value with 3 decimal places. x +3 Number 3 x3+4x2-16x-64.


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