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Question : Value Mapping Scenario/Data The production control department at Company Z

Value Mapping Scenario/Data The production control department at Company Z coordinates between the distribution center, the supplier and manufacturing. Forecasts and weekly orders arrive from the distribution center with an average request of 1000 parts/week. Shipment the customer is once per week by truck. If the factory works 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, what is the takt time in secondsLpart? Production control processes these requests into the forecasts and weekly schedule tothe supplier Production control also provides the weekly schedule to each production station within manufacturing operations and a daily ship schedule. The supplier, on average sends two trucks a week. Each truck supplies 1800 lbs of Material A and 550 base components of B. For 1 parts, 3 lbs of Material A is required. The process sequence is as follows: Assembly A Process 1 inspect Material A (INSP Pack & Ship Process 3 Assembly B Material B (Assy B) PK) Minor hardware is added at Assembly A and Assembly B. The sub-assemblies are joined at Assembly C. Each of these stations gets a schedule each Monday morning of the quantity to produce for the week After inspection the finished assemblies are put into a finished goods inventory. A daily ship quantity is sent to Pack and Ship where finished product is pulled from inventory, packed and staged for shipment. The table below provides the times for each process. There is one operator assigned to each operation. Machine load time Machine unload time Operation Processing time per part (Value added time, seconds) P1 25 seconds/part 900 Machine time 15 seconds/part P 55 Manual time 1000 Manual time Assy A P3 95 Machine time 20 seconds/part 15 seconds/part 60 Manual time Assy B 120 Manual time Assy C 75 Manual time INSP PK 500 Manual time *Machine time does not require the attention of the operator

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