Under the psychopathic wealth explanation of white-collar crime, previous

Question : Under the psychopathic wealth explanation of white-collar crime, previous : 2139123

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) Under the psychopathic wealth explanation of white-collar crime, previous generations are characterized as having all of the following characteristics except that they are:

A) possessing modest expectations.

B) conformist.

C) willing to patiently wait for wealth.

D) more entrepreneurial.

12) In recent years the earnings gap between CEOs and employees has:

A) widened.

B) diminished.

C) remained stagnant.

D) nearly disappeared.

13) The richest ________% of Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 95%.

A) 5

B) 20

C) 1

D) 10

14) Overstating earnings makes all of the following appear more justifiable, except:

A) perks.

B) extravagant company medical benefits.

C) bonuses.

D) exorbitant salaries.

15) Between 1998 and 2003, nearly ________ public corporations were forced to correct financial statements.

A) 5,000

B) 400

C) 100

D) 1,000

16) American Airlines CEO Carty lost his bonus and was forced to resign when ________ disclosed a proposal to raise salaries and pay enormous bonuses to select executives at a time when the company had lost billions and employees were asked to take pay cuts.

A) government regulators

B) media

C) plaintiffs' lawyers

D) politicians

17) Certain industries are distinguished by means and opportunities that are conducive to crime. These factors include all of the following except:

A) public attention on business activities of industry.

B) large amounts of money changing hands.

C) individual decision-making.

D) absence of government regulation.

18) All of the following could provide motivation in a criminogenic industry except:

A) stock options.

B) raises.

C) bonuses.

D) comp time.

19) In the world of high-stakes cheating in high-stakes testing, all of the following are tied to teachers and administrators providing a little extra help to test-takers except:

A) enabling students to graduate.

B) accreditation.

C) jobs.

D) bonuses.

20) Of the following, the best example of occupational crime would be:

A) savings and loan fraud.

B) theft from an ATM.

C) embezzlement.

D) hot checks.

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