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Question : ual who performs that job in the future. individ ment,

ual who performs that job in the future. individ ment, Discuss the rationale for you performance appraisal methods. CASE raising Performance at Precision G An additional supplemental Case can be found on MyManagementLab. Precision Manufacturing produces machine parts and has nearly 200 production employees and 50 ees in its front office with responsibilities ranging from data e to marketing. is the new compensation manager at Precision, and his first task is to implement a merit pay program that would tie to the company's performance appraisal process. For the last 10 years, all employees have received an annual pay increase, but it has been an across-the-board increase, with all employees receiving the same percent- age increase in base pay. Jackson and the company president have agreed that implementing a merit pay program to provide pay increases based on performance would support the company's competitive strategy by rewarding employee productivity. The first step in developing the merit pay program is to ensure that the performance appraisal pro- the proposed program. The purpose in implementing merit program is to provide employees with pay increases as a reward for performance, and, therefore, effective measurement of

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