Twitter is considered a microblog, whose limitation is only 100 characters in an update

Question : Twitter is considered a microblog, whose limitation is only 100 characters in an update : 2162246

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

24) Twitter is considered a microblog, whose limitation is only 100 characters in an update.

25) Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the only social networks available for the planner.

26) Bandwidth is the amount of information that can pass through a communications line. The more bandwidth, the more information (number of emails, hits to a social networking site) can occur simultaneously.

27) VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the term used for your high speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

28) Social media and mobile devices have become a distraction in events and event management and are not useful.

29) One of the first online tools to develop for the MEEC industry was online RFP's in the mid to late 1990's.

30) Today, virtual tools can effectively replace actual site visits.

31) For many event professionals, Facebook, and not Twitter is the essential conference social tool.

32) Planners need to think about internet bandwidth during negotiations with hotels.

33) Web-based apps are more like mobile web sites, optimized for the smaller screen.

34) For many years, trade shows and exhibits have used Lead Retrieval Systems to help capture customer information.

35) ARS systems are still very expensive for planners to implement.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match the type of social media used in the MEEC industry with its description.

36) Twitter      A) This combines the power of the visual image with the content threading of the hashtag

37) Curation Tools      B) Collision Media marketplaces (Connect, Collaborate, and Rejuvenate) use their channels.

38) Facebook  C) Many planners, especially Baby Boomers use this as their "go-to" social tool.

39) YouTube   D) For many event professionals this is the essential conference social tool

40) LinkedIn   E) The most visual of the big three social media networks

41) Google+    F) Has spawned Google Hangouts, which allows anyone to host free video conferences.   

42) Instagram  G) Two examples are Paper.li and Flipboard

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