True/False    The data type a variable given when it declared

Question : True/False    The data type a variable given when it declared : 2043802


  1.    The data type a variable is given when it is declared is called its actual type.

  1.    The data type of the value assigned to a variable must either be the same as its declared type or a subclass of the declared type.

  1.    The declared data type of the actual parameter for method's formal parameter, where the formal parameter is declared to be an interface, must be class that implements the interface.
  2.    The declared type of an object determines the messages that can be sent to the object.

  1.    The way an object responds depends on its declared type.

  1.    Java postpones determining the definition of the method to use until run-time time when polymorphism is used.

  1.    Dynamic binding is the method of determining which method definition will be invoked at compile time.


  1.    Java uses the rules of method resolution to determine which definition of a method is to be used with polymorphism.

  1.    An advantage of inheritance polymorphism is that classes can be added to an inheritance hierarchy without modifications to methods with parameters of the superclass.

  1. When you program has many possible inputs you should perform exhaustive testing.


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