True/False    An instance can have more than one name in

Question : True/False    An instance can have more than one name in : 2043787


  1.    An instance can have more than one name in a program at the same time.

  1.    An accessor method provides access to the value of a particular instance variable.

  1.    Actual parameters are the working names for details that will be filled in later.

  1.    The purpose of parameters is to allow a method to be more general, passing the specific values to the method when it is used so that different values can be used each time the method is invoked.

  1.    When a function passes a value back in response to a method invocation the value passed back is called the return type.

  1.    A class can have only one constructor.
  2.    The scope of a variable is that part of the program where it can be used.
  3.    Two different classes can use the same instance variable names but they will be different storage locations with potentially different values.


  1.    Calculating where an object should appear relative to the upper left corner of the frame is called relative positioning.

  1. To use the graphical shapes in the Users package of the Wheels library we must import the package.

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