TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if

Question : TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if : 1404405


TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

70) Recent research indicates that workforce mobility programs and how efficiently they are managed has a direct impact on company profits.

70) ______


71) Management of the HR function in multinational companies is complicated enormously by the need to adapt HR policies and procedures to the differences among countries in which each subsidiary is based.

71) ______


72) Differences in culture explain why incentive plans in Japan tend to focus on the work group, while in the West, the focus is usually on individual worker incentives.

72) ______


73) A high degree of sensitivity and empathy for the cultural and attitudinal demands of coworkers has very little importance when selecting employees to staff overseas operations.

73) ______


74) Industrial relations, and specifically the relationship between the worker, the union, and the employer, vary dramatically from country to country and have an enormous impact on HR management practices.

74) ______


75) Expatriate assignments usually fail because the person cannot accommodate to the technical demands of the job.

75) ______


76) Expatriates are noncitizens of the countries in which they are working.

76) ______


77) Third-country nationals are citizens of a country other than the parent or host country.

77) ______


78) Geocentrism, rarely seen, assumes that management candidates must be searched for domestically.

78) ______


79) A polycentric staffing policy would be more expensive than sending expatriates abroad.

79) ______




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