TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if

Question : TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if : 1404305


TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

81) There are legal implications associated with ineffective or incompetent selection.

81) ______


82) In many instances, a small selection ratio also means a low quality of recruits.

82) ______


83) Reliability is the accuracy with which a predictor measures what it purports to measure.

83) ______


84) A hiring manager at a law firm asked the law student applying for an articling position with the firm to demonstrate how he would use on-line resources to locate the latest version of a statute. This is an example of high content validity.

84) ______


85) Intelligence, verbal skills, analytical ability, and leadership skills are examples of constructs.

85) ______


86) Criterion-related validity is the extent to which a selection instrument, such as a test, samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job.

86) ______


87) IQ tests are tests that measure a single "intelligence" trait.

87) ______


88) Management assessment centres include activities and exercises that involve interviews and individual presentations.

88) ______


89) Companies have no right to request information regarding the nature of a candidate's disability, either from the applicant or the physician performing the medical exam.

89) ______


90) Complicating the entire issue of drug testing are employers' responsibilities under health and safety legislation.

90) ______


91) The hiring manager asked a candidate how he would conduct a performance appraisal interview for an underperforming report. This is an example of a behavioural interview question.

91) ______


92) It is common for interviewers to turn interviews into a search for negative information.

92) ______


93) Selection is one of the major HR activities by which employment equity goals and timetables are reached.

93) ______


94) A final selection decision should not be reached until all assessments, including reference checking, have been completed.

94) ______


95) Most organizations use the statistical strategy to arrive at a selection decision, since this strategy is generally more reliable and valid.

95) ______




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