TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if

Question : TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if : 1404293


TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

78) Recent research has found a strong correlation between successful recruiting and shareholder value.

78) ______


79) Recruitment is the process of searching out and hiring qualified job applicants.

79) ______


80) Having a recruit-from-within policy may mean that no external candidates can be considered until the posting period is over, even if it is well known that there are no qualified internal candidates.

80) ______


81) Relying on employee referrals can result in systemic discrimination.

81) ______


82) External recruitment is generally the major source of candidates.

82) ______


83) In many firms with a policy of promoting from within, potential external candidates are also considered.

83) ______


84) One advantage of employee referrals is that, because there are no advertising fees involved, paying bonuses represents a low recruiting cost.

84) ______


85) A disadvantage of using social networking sites as a recruitment method is the cost involved.

85) ______


86) A risk of using social networking sites as a recruitment method is that disgruntled former employees or customers may post negative comments on the site.

86) ______


87) HRDC helps individuals find jobs at no cost to the candidate but the employer must pay a fee.

87) ______




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