TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if

Question : TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement true and 'F' if : 1404279


TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

74) HRP is a process of reviewing human resources requirements to ensure that an organization has the required number of employees, with the necessary skills, to meet its goals.

74) ______


75) Starting in 2011, labour force growth in Canada will be entirely dependent on new immigrants.

75) ______


76) Human Resources Planning is a reactive process which both anticipates and influences an organization's future.

76) ______


77) Trend analysis is valuable as an initial estimate of HR demand only.

77) ______


78) Ratio analysis involves making forecasts based on the ratio between two causal factors.

78) ______


79) Regression analysis determines the line of best fit.

79) ______


80) Exchanging ideas without face-to-face interaction is a characteristic of the nominal group forecasting technique.

80) ______


81) Managerial judgment is central to qualitative forecasting, but plays only a small role in quantitative forecasting techniques.

81) ______


82) External supply is one source of human resources supply.

82) ______


83) Short-term and long-range HR demand forecasts only provide half of the staffing equation by answering the question "How many employees will we need?"

83) ______




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