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23. A ziggurat is a mountain-like platform upon which Sumerians placed their temples.

24. The prophet Zoroaster, a Persian, developed a dualistic religion that asserted the universe was divided between two forces, one good and the other evil.

25. A serdab is a hidden room in a tomb that contains a statue of the dead person.

26. Hieroglyphics was the writing system used by the Assyrians.

27. Homo sapiens means the ignorant man.

28. The process of brewing beer was developed by the Sumerians around 8000 years ago.

29. Polytheism is the belief in a single god.

30. The Palette of Narmer (fig. 1.14) comes from the Egyptian city of Hierakonpolis.

31. The Mesopotamians used a form of writing known as cuneiform.

32. A cromlech is a horizontal beam supported by vertical posts.

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