True/False 1. The solar power industry has yet to become an

Question : True/False 1. The solar power industry has yet to become an : 1800969


1. The solar power industry has yet to become an active participant in the U.S. political environment.

2. The emergence of public issues often encourages companies to monitor public concerns, respond to government proposals, and participate in the political process.

3. In many countries, the political environment has a select few participants.

4. Various stakeholder groups often use far different tactics than businesses to influence government officials, elections, and regulation.

5. Labor unions have been an active participant in United States politics for decades.

6. Most scholars agree that business must participate in politics.

7. Businesses must wait for a public issue to arise before forming a political strategy.

8. Loaning office personnel is a financial-incentive political strategy tool.

9. The most effective type of lobbying involves targeting only federal officials.

10. Under U.S. law, lobbying activities must be disclosed publicly.

11. Sometimes businesspeople leave the private sector to take employment in government before returning to the corporate world.

12. Expert witnesses provide information to legislators for businesses or business groups.

13. According to the textbook, until 2010, corporations were permitted by law to make direct contributions to political candidates for national and most state offices.

14. When a manager directly employs a lobbyist to represent the company’s political strategy in Washington this is called aggressive organizational involvement in politics.

15. According to the textbook, the heads of most public affairs departments are senior vice president or vice president positions.

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