True/False 1. The basis for corporate citizenship does not rely the

Question : True/False 1. The basis for corporate citizenship does not rely the : 1800961


1. The basis for corporate citizenship does not rely on the generosity of a firm’s senior management or their awareness of their role as trustees of the public’s interests.

2. Global corporate citizenship refers to putting an organization’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility into practice locally.

3. Robert Civita, chairman and CEO of the Brazilian Abril Group, has defined global corporate citizenship as “socialism with a conscience.”

4. According to The Economist, corporate citizenship is becoming increasingly important for the long-term health of companies.

5. Corporate citizenship primarily focuses on a firm’s social activities.

6. Global corporate citizenship activities help companies create legitimacy, reputation, and competitive advantage.

7. Companies whose citizenship profile best matches public expectations are least likely to benefit from strategic investments in corporate citizenship.

8. A company earns its “license to operate” through filing its proper legal documents.

9. There is no single universally accepted method for designing a CSR management structure.

10. In the first stage of corporate citizenship, the elementary stage, managers are uninterested and uninvolved with social issues.

11. If a company acknowledges the need to build more coherent initiatives, it is in the innovative stage of becoming a corporate citizen.

12. Corporate citizenship partnerships can exist between companies and stakeholders in other countries.

13. Social audits look at what an organization does, not at the results of the actions.

14. An emerging trend in corporate reporting is the integration of legally required financial information with social and environmental information into a single report. 

15. Triple bottom line reporting requires that a firm report financial data.

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