True/False 1. Ethics primarily based religious beliefs. 2. Ethical ideas present in

Question : True/False 1. Ethics primarily based religious beliefs. 2. Ethical ideas present in : 1800949


1. Ethics are primarily based on religious beliefs.

2. Ethical ideas are present in all societies, all organizations, and all individual persons.

3. If all people relied on ethical relativism, there would be no universal ethical standards on which people around the globe could agree.

4. Business must develop its own definition of what is right and wrong, apart from ethics.

5. Being ethical includes developing a sense of trust, which promotes positive alliances among business partners.

6. Business cannot expect to be profitable while adhering to ethical principles of conduct.

7. The U.S. Corporate Sentencing Guidelines provide a strong incentive for businesses to promote their ethics at work.

8, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that firms maintain good financial practices, apart from high ethical standards, in how they conduct and monitor business operations.

9. Employees would rather work for companies who promote their personal values. 

10. An ethical egoist acts for the benefit of others and sacrifices self-interest.

11. Only in the last few years have scholars found a positive relationship between an organization’s economic performance and attention to spiritual values.

12. Managers in the same company are likely to be at the same stages of moral reasoning at any given time.

13. For managers who reason at stages 2 and 3, their personal rewards, recognition from others, or compliance with the company’s rules become their main ethical compass.

14. According to utilitarian reasoning, an action is ethically preferred when its benefits outweigh its costs.

15. Business managers should use all four methods of ethical reasoning – virtues, utility, rights and justice - to better understand ethical issues at work.

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