True/False 1.  By setting a common standard for all firms, government

Question : True/False 1.  By setting a common standard for all firms, government : 1800977


1.  By setting a common standard for all firms, government can take the cost of pollution control out of competition.

2. The first United States federal laws to protect the environment involved protecting navigable waterways.

3. The EPA has identified carbon monoxide as the sole indicator of the overall level of air pollution.

4. The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 requires permits for most point sources of pollution, such as industrial emissions.

5. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, hazardous waste must be treated before disposal in landfills.

6. Efforts to prevent inequitable exposure to risk, such as from hazardous waste, are sometimes referred to as the movement for environmental justice.

7. Superfund has been regarded as a public policy success in the cleanup of toxic waste sites.

8. The Clean Air Act of 1990 incorporated the concept of tradable allowances as a key part of its approach to pollution reduction.

9. Emissions of nearly all major pollutants have increased substantially since 1970.

10. Environmental regulations, such as energy conservation, depress the economy.

11. Most big companies are still in the pollution prevention stage of corporate environmental responsibility.

12. An ecologically sustainable organization is a business that addresses environmental issues only when they pose an immediate threat.

13. Effective environmental management requires an integrated approach that involves all parts of the business organization.

14. Cross-functional teams are usually a poor way to solve environmental problems.

15. Rewards and incentives are effective ways to make business people consider the environmental impacts of their actions.

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