TRUE/FALSE 1.              A marketing plan a detailed description of the resources

Question : TRUE/FALSE 1.              A marketing plan a detailed description of the resources : 2028823


1.              A marketing plan is a detailed description of the resources and actions needed to achieve stated marketing objectives.

2.              Strategic planning is the process of anticipating events and market conditions and deciding how a firm can best achieve its organizational objectives.

3.              The facilities plan estimates the firm’s employment needs and the skills necessary to achieve organizational goals.

4.              The need for a business plan is more acutely felt in a small company than in a large multinational company.

5.              A marketing plan is not reevaluated once it is completely implemented.

6.              A firm’s marketers must write a marketing plan before formulating an overall marketing strategy.

7.              The mission statement puts into words an organization’s overall purpose and reason for being.

8.              A firm’s goals should be specific and measurable.

9.              Every marketing plan requires a budget, a time schedule for implementation, and a system for monitoring the plan’s success or failure.

10.              An exit strategy is a plan for a firm to leave the market.

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