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True or False Questions



1. Benefits and features mean the same thing for a marketer.



2. Features refer to the intangible attributes of a product whereas benefits refer to the tangible attributes.



3. Differentiating on quality can occur on any of the eight dimensions of quality for goods.



4. Conjoint analysis is a tool that measures links between known customer needs and technical features.



5. Companies that adopt a true market orientation use techniques such as ethnography and empathic design to obtain a broader view of their markets than their current customers can provide.



6. Individual branding makes it difficult for a firm to compete via multiple entries within the same product class.



7. Family branding reduces the impact of shelf facings in stores.



8. Bad brand extensions occur when the name adds little or no benefit to the extension and may cause confusion.



9. Corporate identity flows from the communications, impressions, and personality projected by an organization.



10. Manufacturing a product is the most important service component of a product.





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