True or False All community property states

Question : True or False All community property states : 6687

True or False

All community property states recognize the tenancy-by-the-entireties form of ownership.True.False.

The character of community property is determined by the character of property used to acquire it initially.True.False.

A widow in a community property state has no recourse if her decedent husband bequeaths community property to a third party without her knowledge.True.False.

Moving from a community property state to a common law state does not change the character of marital property acquired in the community jurisdiction unless the parties take steps to expressly change the property to a character other than its community identity.

Decedents in community property states who leave all their assets to their spouses usually owe more estate taxes than decedents in common law states who leave all their porperty to their spouses.True.False.

In community property states, all property the spouses own (as community or separate property) is subject to claims by creditors of either spouse.



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