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True-False. Circle T if the statement true; circle F if

Question : True-False. Circle T if the statement true; circle F if : 1516267



True-False. Circle T if the statement is true; circle F if it is false.


1.TFBusiness communication between persons of different national origins is governed by the law of the host country.


2.TFThe Act of State Doctrine allows each nation to do as it wishes within its own boundaries without interference from other nations.


3.TFThe International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 governs research-oriented information from being communicated to foreigners.


4.TFThe United States is a signatory to the trademark protection act of the Madrid Convention.


5.TFThe World Court is a body of the United Nations that provides a way to settle international disagreements between corporations.


6.TFMacaulay's thesis involves the concept that firms are looking for short-term foreign relationships.


7.TFThematization is the process by which a framework for mutual communication and satisfaction is reached.


8.TFIf a supplier ships goods a buyer has not requested and the buyer accepts them, the buyer is forming a contract by accepting the goods.


9.TFIn Japan contracts are always considered open for renegotiation.


10.TFDrawer regulations are examples of written business laws.




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