To open an existing Access file, click Open Other Files

Question : To open an existing Access file, click Open Other Files : 2162424

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) When you ________ data from Access to Excel a copy of the data is created in an Excel workbook.

A) move

B) import

C) export

D) transfer

2) To open an existing Access file, click Open Other Files and then ________ to locate the file you want to open.

A) click OneDrive

B) Browse

C) click Home

D) conduct a search

3) The file extension ________ indicates an Excel file.

A) .docx

B) .ppt

C) .xlsx

D) .accdb

4) When you export an Access query to Excel, the query name also becomes the name of the Excel ________ where the data is stored.

A) worksheet

B) table

C) workbook

D) chart

5) To analyze a subset of data in Excel, convert the range of cells into a ________, which can then be further analyzed and manipulated.

A) table

B) group

C) correlation

D) sub-worksheet

6) In a column of data that has been sorted in ascending order, the small arrow that displays on the Filter button points ________.

A) to the right

B) to the left

C) upward

D) downward

7) After a column of data in a table has been sorted, a small ________ displays on the Filter button to indicate the sort order.

A) arrow

B) dash

C) carat

D) plus sign

8) An Excel ________ can be managed independently from the data in the other rows and columns in a worksheet.

A) grid

B) link

C) table

D) chart

9) To format a table in Excel, select the entire table or any element within the table, which makes both the Table Tools tab ________ and Layout tab available.

A) Review

B) Insert

C) View

D) Design

10) How can you fix a column's display if the column displays a sequence of pound signs (#)?

A) Make the column narrower.

B) Fix the formulas in the column.

C) Make the column wider.

D) Change the number format of the numbers in the column.

11) When a program window is minimized, you can click on the ________ on the taskbar to maximize the window again.

A) dash

B) carat

C) X

D) Program icon

12) After pasting data into an Excel worksheet, if one of the columns displays a sequence of pound signs (#), this is evidence that the data ________.

A) contains a formatting issue that must be resolved

B) contains a total column for other columns

C) contains special characters

D) contains too many places to fit in the current column width

13) You can change the name of a worksheet by right-clicking on the sheet tab and then clicking ________.

A) Edit

B) Insert

C) Rename

D) Properties

14) To copy a formula to other appropriate cells in a worksheet, drag the ________ handle.

A) copy

B) repeat

C) format painter

D) fill

15) To select nonadjacent cells in an Excel worksheet, hold down ________ as you select each range of cells.

A) Fn

B) Alt

C) Ctrl

D) Windows

16) To change the formatting of a chart to a pre-defined set of formatting, select the chart, and then select the desired Chart ________ from the Design Tab.

A) Style

B) Location

C) Theme

D) Type

17) To display the % of data for each slice of a pie chart in Excel, change he formatting to display the ________.

A) axis

B) fill

C) legend

D) data labels

18) In PowerPoint, a small number next to a SmartArt graphic indicates the SmartArt has a(n) ________ applied to it.

A) comment

B) attached file

C) link

D) animation

19) To link Excel data to a Word Document, first copy the data to the clipboard and then use the paste ________ command.

A) special

B) attached file

C) hyperlink

D) attachment

20) Double-clicking on linked data will open ________.

A) the link properties box

B) the source file

C) nothing

D) a new attachment

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