To get to class from residence, hundreds of students at

Question : To get to class from residence, hundreds of students at : 6375

To get to class from residence, hundreds of students at Forest College have to walk through -you guessed it! - a forest. There have been some nasty events in the forest. Pia, the owner o Pia's Protective Services (PPS) is considering 3 options on how her firm could serve students, while enriching her business. PPS will place roving guards throughout the forest who are guaranteed to come to the aid of any student in need. (Motto: Call PPS and we will help you!) There is a voluntary pay box available; students can choose to drop a couple of toonies into the box at the beginning of each trip. Each student can hire a personal guard from PPS for each trip at a modest fee. The guard accompanies the student throughout the forest trip. (Motto; PPS Protects You!) Pia strikes a deal with Forest College; for a fixed fee paid by the College, PPS will provide guard services throughout the forest. (Motto: Your College Values Your Safety!) Your job: Write an article for the Forest College student newspaper analyzing each of these options, from an ECO 100 perspective. Which option(s) are potentially workable, and why? Which not and why? Assume Pia's staff are well trained and competent. Keep in mind a non-ECO audience, so define any ECO terms you use. Which option would you recommend to Pia? Why that option? Organize your thoughts. Write cogently and clearly, using full sentences. No diagrams/equations.

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