Tina's Fine Juices a bottler of orange juice located in

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Tina's Fine Juices is a bottler of orange juice located in the Northeast. The company produces bottled orange juice from fruit concentrate purchased from suppliers in Florida, Arizona, and California. The only ingredients in the juice are water and concentrate. The juice is blended, pasteurized, and bottled for sale in 12-ounce plastic bottles. The process is heavily automated and is centered on five machines that control the mixing and bottling of the juice. The amount of labor required is very small per bottle of juice. The average worker can process 10 bottles of juice per minute, or 600 bottles per hour The juice is sold by a number of grocery stores under their store brand name and in smaller restaurants, delis, and bagel shops under the name of Tina's Fine Juices. Tina's has been in business for several years and uses a sophisticated sales forecasting model based on previous sales, expected changes in demand, and economic factors affecting the industry, Sales of juice are highly seasonal, peaking in the first quarter of the calendar year. Forecasted sales for the last two months of 2012 and all of 2013 are as follows 2012 Bottles 375,000 370,000 2013 350,000 February 425,000 March 400,000 April 395,000 375,000 350,000 385,000 395,000 405,000 400,000 365,000

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