Though thrift failures occurred nationwide, what two states accounted

Question : Though thrift failures occurred nationwide, what two states accounted : 2139031

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) Though thrift failures occurred nationwide, what two states accounted for the preponderance of the worst thrift frauds?

A) California and Texas

B) Florida and California

C) Oklahoma and Texas

D) New York and California

12) Outsider thrift frauds primarily involved all of the following except:

A) bank examiners.

B) accountants.

C) appraisers.

D) lawyers.

13) ________ is the process of progressively increasing the sales price of real estate and the size of the loan and defaulting on the final loan.

A) Land flips

B) Linked financing

C) Reciprocal lending

D) Nominee loans

14) ________ involve(s) loans between insiders at different thrifts to evade regulations pertaining to restrictions on insider loans.

A) Nominee loans

B) Linked financing

C) Reciprocal lending

D) Land flips

15) ________ refers to loans conditioned on receipts of deposits. The loan then goes into default and deposits can be withdrawn.

A) Nominee loans

B) Reciprocal lending

C) Linked financing

D) Land flips

16) The Keating Five were:

A) five regulators bribed by Keating.

B) the five institutions controlled by Keating.

C) Keating and his four relatives who looted Lincoln Savings and Loan.

D) United States Senators.

17) Alan Bond was convicted and sentenced to prison for cheating retirees and workers by "cherry-picking." This term involves:

A) keeping profitable investments and investing others money in unprofitable ones.

B) directing investment funds to brokerage houses with the highest fees and getting kickbacks.

C) favoring some clients' accounts over others when making investments.

D) deliberately mixing unprofitable investments in with profitable ones to increase fees.

18) The primary investment vehicle for First Pension was:

A) nonexistent mortgages.

B) penny stock.

C) deal stocks.

D) junk bonds.

19) First Pension went so far as to ________ to fool an employee who questioned company investments.

A) present false trust deeds to auditors

B) produce fake company records showing the profitability of the investments

C) recruit investors to lie to regulators

D) hire an actress to impersonate an auditor

20) Steve Wymer's Institutional Treasury Management lost $174 million. Investors were mainly:

A) teachers with retirement funds.

B) individual investors with IRAs.

C) individuals with private mutual funds.

D) municipalities and government agencies.

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