Though most of the medical experimentation by the military took place decades

Question : Though most of the medical experimentation by the military took place decades : 2139047

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) Though most of the medical experimentation by the military took place decades ago, soldiers in what recent conflict were given an unapproved pretreatment for nerve gas attacks without their knowledge?

A) Vietnam War

B) Persian Gulf War

C) United States invasion of Iraq

D) Bosnian conflict

12) Mentally retarded ________ at the Fernald State School in Massachusetts were used as guinea pigs in radiations studies sponsored by the Atomic Energy Commission between 1946 and 1956.

A) children

B) teenage girls

C) teenage boys

D) prisoners

13) In 1995, it was disclosed that the government had conducted 4,000 radiation experiments between 1945 and 1974. Most of these experiments were conducted using ________ populations as subjects.

A) young

B) healthy

C) knowledgeable

D) vulnerable

14) The Defense Department has engaged in questionable radiation experiments on:

A) prisoners of war.

B) humans.

C) animals.

D) the elderly.

15) Experiments conducted using prisoners have included all of the following except:

A) drug toxicity experimentation by drug companies.

B) testicle exposure to x-rays.

C) Harvard University study using hallucinogens.

D) prisoners being given large doses of vitamins and minerals.

16) Prison studies are:

A) economical.

B) acceptable practice in most countries.

C) expensive.

D) beneficial for all involved.

17) The Lockheed corporation:

A) caused the arrest of a former Italian prime minister.

B) nearly destroyed the British monarchy.

C) was able to help elect government officials in Japan.

D) corrupted national elections in Germany and Spain.

18) The Iran-Contra affair was a "gun-for-money" operation designed to assist rebels in:

A) Nicaragua.

B) Honduras.

C) Peru.

D) Chile.

19) Not only did certain individuals in the United States government funnel money to the Contras, but "third country" strategy had foreign countries like Saudi Arabia being encouraged to supply aid. The Saudi contribution exceeded $30 million. Why did Saudi Arabia contribute this money to the Contras?

A) To cement diplomatic relations with the Contras and their country

B) To curry personal favor with the American president

C) To facilitate trade relations with Iran

D) To help foreign relations with Israel

20) Who was president of the United States during the Iran-Contra Affair?

A) President Clinton

B) President Carter

C) President Bush

D) President Regan

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