these questions gotten from a busines law course. the name

Question : these questions gotten from a busines law course. the name : 6045

these are questions gotten from a busines law course. the name of the textbook is "law for business students" 6th ed by alix adams. you can the finf the question in quiz 3. pls help find an expert in this field to give detailed answers

1. Where will the proceedings involving the following parties take place?(a) Wackford Squeers, on a charge of manslaughter of pupils at Dotheboys Hall.(b) Bill Sykes, who wishes to appeal against his conviction for murder.(c) Polly Peachum, who wishes to appeal against her conviction in the magistrates’ court for soliciting.(d) Mr Micawber, from whom Uriah Heep wishes to recover a debt of £200.(e) Mr Dombey, who is claiming £75,000 against the Great Western Railway Companyfor injuries caused when he fell under one of its trains.(f) Newman Noggs, who is claiming that he was unfairly dismissed by Ralph Nickleby.(g) Mr Dorrit, regarding repossession of his house by The Benevolent & Warmhearted Building Society.

2. What is the purpose of a freezing injunction?3 In what ways do tribunals differ from the ordinary courts?

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