theories during module that i learned: Mintzberg's

Question : theories during module that i learned: Mintzberg's : 6037

theories during module that i learned:

Mintzberg's , Maslow's, Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation , Herzberg two-factor theory, Managerial grid styles , Behavioural style , Trait theories, Vrooms theory, Job model bu Hackman and Oldham

use the ones needed to this answer. Also, please avoid very very long answers, the time required for this answer 25 mins-30 max. try to avoid explain a lot. the answer should be comprehnsive in a short time and contains useful points.

Question C2: (35% of available marks) Imagine you have been promoted to your first managerial position and you are responsible for leadin a team of 13 employees. The team is diverse and members have different levels of ability, experienc and enthusiasm. The work performed by the team also varies; some perform quite routine tasks, whi others are engaged in more complex ambiguous project work. You have not worked with the team before, but a recent staff survey has revealed that many of your team are suffering from low levels of motivation and, as a consequence, productivity is quite low. a Drawing on concepts and theories from the module, discuss what factors could be' underlying the low levels of motivation? What does theory tell us? 11% of marks) b Having considered possible causes of low motivation, use concepts and theories from the module to outline what steps could be taken to increase employee motivation in this team. What does theory tell us? (12% of marks) c Drawing on management and leadership theories, discuss the style of leadership you might use to manage this team. What are some of the things you will need to consider? (12% of ma


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