Theme colors are not applied to which of the following

Question : Theme colors are not applied to which of the following : 2162419

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Theme colors are not applied to which of the following?

A) Objects

B) Text

C) Slide outlines

D) Backgrounds

2) You can change the theme colors of a presentation from the ________ tab.

A) Design

B) Slide Show

C) Home

D) View

3) ________ is applied to all text in a presentation other than slide titles.

A) Presentation font

B) Body font

C) Headings font

D) Theme font

4) Fonts in individual placeholders or on specific slides can be changed on the ________ tab.

A) Design

B) Format

C) View

D) Home

5) The ________ font is applied to titles and the ________ font is applied to all other text in slides.

A) Headings1; Headings2

B) Level 1; Level 2

C) Headings; Body

D) Body; Body 2

6) Which of the following is false about using a picture as a slide background?

A) When you use a picture as a background, it is treated as an object.

B) When you use a picture as a background, you cannot resize it.

C) A picture can be used to fill the entire slide.

D) When you use a picture as a background, you cannot move it on the slide.

7) When ________ displays as the transparency of a picture, ________.

A) 0%; the picture is in full color

B) 100%; the picture is in full color

C) 50%; the picture is in full color

D) 10%; the picture has almost no color

8) Numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. on the left of placeholders indicates ________.

A) the order of text that was entered in placeholders

B) the order of transitions on the slide

C) that bullets can be converted to a numbered list

D) the order of animation on the slide

9) Which of the following is not a timing option for an animation effect?

A) On Enter

B) After Previous

C) With Previous

D) On Click

10) What does the number 0 displayed next to an object, text, or placeholder indicate?

A) The transition will occur after the slide is clicked.

B) All animations on the slide will occur together.

C) The animation will begin immediately after the slide transition.

D) The slide transition will occur automatically.

11) With the On Click animation timing, you can ________.

A) press the Alt key to animate the object

B) click the mouse or press the Shift key to animate the object

C) press Spacebar or F5 to animate the object

D) press Spacebar or click the mouse to animate the object

12) Where do media controls display when a video is inserted on a slide?

A) below the video

B) on the ribbon

C) above the video

D) on the status bar

13) When the ________ displays, you can click the mouse button to view the video.

A) arrow pointer

B) reel pointer

C) hand pointer

D) four-headed arrow

14) When you trim a video, the ________ of the timeline indicates the portion of the video that will play during the slide; the ________ portion indicates the portion that is trimmed.

A) green section; black

B) blue section; gray

C) blue section; black

D) green portion; red

15) Which of the following buttons do not show up to the right of a chart when it is selected?

A) Chart Styles

B) Chart Sorts

C) Chart Filters

D) Chart Elements

16) When you insert a table on a slide, the insertion point ________.

A) is directly above the table

B) displays on the left side of the table

C) is in the center top cell of the table

D) is in the upper left cell of the table

17) When you are in a table cell and press Enter, what happens?

A) Another line is created in the cell

B) The insertion point moves below the table

C) Wordwrap occurs

D) The insertion point moves to the next cell or next row

18) What occurs when you press the Tab key when you're in the last cell of a table?

A) The insertion point moves outside of the table

B) A new row is created

C) Another line is created in the cell

D) A new column is created

19) Which of the following is not considered a commonly-used chart type?

A) Pie chart

B) Bar chart

C) XY scatter chart

D) Line chart

20) If you selected nine cells with numeric data to create a chart, each cell is a ________.

A) data point

B) data series

C) data marker

D) cell reference

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