The tricuspid valve is located between the

Question : The tricuspid valve is located between the : 2134243

1. The tricuspid valve is located between the:

a. right atrium and ventricle

b. left atrium and ventricle

c. right atrium and left ventricle

d. left atrium and right ventricle

2. Blood flows out from the ____ and into the aorta.

a. left atrium

b. left ventricle

c. right atrium

d. right ventricle

3. The ____ walls are thin, one-cell structures.

a. arterial

b. venous

c. capillary

d. lymph vessel

4. Lymph does not:

a. fill the spaces between the cells

b. get pumped through the lymph vessels by a muscular organ

c. act as the “bridge” between cells and capillaries

d. contain blood plasma

5. When adenitis occurs, the _____ and become tender.

a. walls of the blood vessels thicken

b. walls of the blood vessels become thinner

c. lymph nodes become swollen

d. lymph nodes shrink

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