The targets of a microRNA are usually

Question : The targets of a microRNA are usually : 2134117

36) The targets of a microRNA are usually

A. viral mRNAs

B. bacterial dsRNAs

C. tissue-specific genes

D. “housekeeping” genes

37) The nuclear exosome

A. degrades aberrant mRNAs

B. cleaves dsRNA into siRNAs

C. promotes nuclear export of mature mRNA complexes

D. facilitates spliceosome assembly

38) Which aspect of an mRNA’s life cycle serves as a key mRNA quality control mechanism?

A. 3’ end cleavage

B. transcription termination

C. nuclear export

D. splicing

39) Nuclear basket proteins Mlp1 and Mlp2 act as

A. nuclear exosomes

B. a sorting filter for unspliced transcripts

C. splicing factors

D. miRNA exportins

40) When mRNAs lacking a poly(A) tail compete with polyadenylated mRNAs for

limiting translational machinery

A. the polyadenylated mRNA is translated more efficiently.

B. the mRNA lacking a poly(A) tail is translated more efficiently.

C. the mRNAs are translated equally efficiently.

D. the efficiency of translation depends on the sequence of the mRNA, not the poly(A) tail.

41) Failure of the ribosome to remove an exon-exon junction complex (EJC) leads to

A. degradation by nuclear exosomes

B. translation of the mRNA

C. storage of the mRNA in the cytoplasm

D. nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

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