The spleen is located

Question : The spleen is located : 2134245

6. The spleen is located:

a. to the left of the cardiac notch

b. to the right of the cardiac notch

c. just beneath the right side of the diaphragm

d. just beneath the left side of the diaphragm

7. What is the role of serum globulin in blood plasma?

a. It assists in the formation of antibodies.

b. It is a necessary component to clot blood.

c. It aids in maintaining blood pressure.

d. It regulates the exchange of water between the cells and the blood.

8. Which type of cardiovascular test uses sound waves to help identify deep vein thrombosis?

a. cardiac catheterization

b. dobutamine stress test

c. Doppler ultrasonography

d. echocardiogram

9. Which type of cardiovascular test measures the passage of blood through the coronary arteries to the myocardium?

a. venogram

b. myocardial perfusion imaging

c. carotid artery ultrasound

d. MUGA scan

10. Which type of anemia results from injury or destruction of blood cell formation by the bone marrow?

a. aplastic anemia

b. blood loss anemia

c. iron deficiency anemia

d. cerebral anemia

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