The soccer league in England is notorious for the number

Question : The soccer league in England is notorious for the number : 2141066

21) The soccer league in England is notorious for the number of team managers fired over the course of a single season, which stands at no fewer than eight managers on average, owing to poor team form and consequently, poor results. It is evident from this information that the league endorses a(n) ________ view of management.

A) impotent

B) omnipotent

C) omniscient

D) symbolic

23) Elmo Research & Development has been going through a rough patch lately. Turnover has been high and employee morale is at an all-time low. Though employees and competitors hold management responsible for the decline, the CEO does not let the managers go or change the management style. Which of the following could explain this attitude?

A) Because the organization has a "take-charge" management style, the employees are responsible for organizational policies.

B) The CEO holds the view that managers have only a limited role in organization success or failure.

C) The CEO holds the omnipotent view of management, which asserts that external factors have a significant effect on performance outcomes.

D) The CEO is unresponsive to the criticisms from stakeholders.

25) According to the symbolic view, managers have a(n) ________ effect on substantive organizational outcomes.

A) subtle

B) extensive

C) influential

D) limited

26) Internal constraints that influence managers' decisions and actions come from the ________.

A) attitudes of customers

B) prevailing political conditions

C) culture of the organization

D) fluctuations in the stock market

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

27) Most managers have limited ability to influence outcomes.

28) Performance-based pay systems suggest the firm believes in the symbolic view of management.

29) A manager that holds his employees accountable for sales growth probably believes in the omnipotent view of management.

30) In the real world, managers can influence outcomes but they operate within constraints.

31) Cassy has been tasked with increasing her division's productivity. This suggests her boss believes in the omnipotent view of management.

32) The view of managers as omnipotent is consistent with the stereotypical picture of the take-charge business executive who can overcome any obstacle in carrying out the organization's objectives.

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