The server can quickly learn a menu by remaining alert

Question : The server can quickly learn a menu by remaining alert : 2162205

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) A ________ menu can create an interactive experience between the guest and the server that advances the service for the guest.

A) tablet

B) quad

C) zone

D) floor

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

22) The server can quickly learn a menu by remaining alert, attentive, and focused upon the following: (list and describe)

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

23) If a guest orders nothing but a sandwich and a beverage, whenever possible serve the beverage first.

24) Bread and butter should be served after a soup or salad is served, just before serving the entrée.

25) As the guest check increases, guests' expectations will also increase.

26) Serve plates with the right hand, approaching the table to the right of the guest or from the left of the guest with the left hand in fine-dining restaurants.

27) Serve liquids (beverages and soups) with the left hand to the right of the guest.

28) Serve liquids (beverages and soups) with the left hand to the right of the guest.

29) A good practice is to always serve coffee or tea in a warm tempered cup or mug.

30) Remove dishes and flatware from the front center of the guest to avoid any drops or spills.

31) Serve all dishes by placing the thumb firmly on the flat surface of the plate for a secure and easy presentation.

32) If the chef decorates the rim of a plate with paprika to add color, the server should hold the plate by his or her fingertips at the bottom center of the plate before serving the guest.

33) Any stemmed glass, including a stemmed water glass or wine glass should be carried by the stem.

34) To protect the guest from being splashed with a hot beverage, the server should hold a service towel or a clean folded napkin in the left hand, between the guest and the cup while pouring the hot beverage.

35) If guests are sharing an appetizer, the appetizer should be served on a large oval plate.

36) When serving steak or fish, the steak knife or fish knife is place to the right of the knife, followed by the teaspoon.

37) An appropriate way to serve condiments that might accompany a meal would be on a small plate with a doily.

38) Once removed from the table, dirty dishes can be scraped and stacked on a nearby tray–on a tray stand and then taken to the kitchen.

39) Tables should be cleared of all crumbs before presenting a dessert menu or serving dessert. Crumbs can be brushed to the floor with a rolled napkin and swept or vacuumed after serving hours.

40) Avoid bending over to lift a heavy serving tray; drop to a squat position to get under the tray while keeping the back straight to lift.


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