The purpose of the process graphic type is to show steps in a timeline

Question : The purpose of the process graphic type is to show steps in a timeline : 2162418

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

61) The purpose of the process graphic type is to show steps in a timeline.

62) The purpose of the cycle graphic type is to show a step by step process.

63) The purpose of the relationship graphic type is to illustrate connections.

SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.

64) A(n) ________ is a set of items preceded by small dots or other shapes with do not indicate order or rank.

65) When you point to a bullet style in the gallery, a(n) ________ displays.

66) The Bullets button is a(n) ________ meaning it can be turned on or off.

67) A single media file such as art or sound is known as a(n) ________.

68) Use ________ typed into the Bing Image Search box to locate images to insert into a slide.

69) When you click an object and move it to a different location on a slide, ________ display to assist you with alignment.

70) Press the ________ key to maintain vertical or horizontal placement of an image when moving it.

71) When you ________ a picture, the unwanted area of a picture is removed.

72) A(n) ________ is an object with which you can position text anywhere on a slide.

73) ________ are objects such as arrows, lines, and callouts.

74) A color's ________ color coordinates display in a ScreenTip when using the eyedropper.

75) ________ images enables you to format them together as one unit.

76) ________ is a gallery of text styles with decorative effects.

77) PowerPoint's ________ command allows you to remove unwanted portions of a picture so the picture does not appear in the default rectangle shape.

78) ________, formats applied to text, include shadows, reflections, and bevels.

79) A visual representation of information as a process, hierarchy, or cycle is a(n) ________.

80) The ________ to Slide setting tells PowerPoint to align each selected object with the slide, rather than with each other.

81) In combination with the Align Left option, which setting aligns the left edge of each picture with the left edge of the slide?

82) You can use shape ________ to apply predefined combinations of fill and line colors to shapes.

83) SmartArt ________ are combinations of formatting effects that you can apply to SmartArt graphics.

84) The portion of a picture to be removed by the crop displays in ________.

85) Match each of the following terms to its definition:

I. bulleted list

II. numbered list

III. clip

IV. crop

V. text box

A. object within which you can type

B. remove unwanted areas of a picture

C. also called an ordered list

D. also called an unordered list

E. single media file

86) Match each of the following tasks to its tab:

I. view the slide show

II. include an online picture on a slide

III. change line spacing

IV. display the ruler

V. crop an image

A. Slide Show tab

B. Home tab

C. Insert tab

D. View tab

E. Picture Tools Format tab

87) Match each of the following terms to its definition:

I. Smart guides

II. crop handles

III. crop pointer

IV. ruler guides

V. crosshair pointer

A. dotted red lines that display on the rulers to indicate the pointer's position

B. indicates that you can draw a shape with the mouse

C. mouse pointer that displays when deleting areas of an image

D. dashed lines that assist with image alignment

E. used to remove unwanted areas of a picture

88) Match each of the following terms to its definition:

I. shape

II. fill color


IV. eyedropper

V. text effects

A. include shadows, reflections, and glows

B. lines, arrows, boxes, callouts

C. color coordinates

D. tool that captures the exact color from an object

E. the inside of text or an object

89) Match each of the following terms to its definition:

I. WordArt

II. SmartArt graphic

III. SmartArt style

IV. shape

V. text box

A. slide object such as a banner or arrow

B. object within which you can type

C. visual representation of information

D. gallery of text styles

E. combination of formatting effects

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