The primary source of hotel revenue is:

Question : The primary source of hotel revenue is: : 2162241

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) The primary source of hotel revenue is:

A) Meeting room fees

B) Tour fees

C) Sleeping room revenue

D) Room service

2) Which of these agreements must legally be in writing?

A) Contracts for the sale of real estate

B) Contracts that are not to be performed within one year of the agreement

C) Contracts for the lease of real estate

D) All of the above

3) Which of the following does not need to be contained in a valid written contract?

A) The mailing addresses of the parties

B) An identification or recitation of the subject matter

C) A statement of consideration

D) The identities of the parties

4) What is parol evidence?

A) Evidence of an oral agreement

B) Evidence that is essential to the contract or case

C) Evidence that is inadmissible in court

D) Evidence that is circumstantial

5) Attrition clauses are also called:

A) Slippage clauses

B) Performance clauses

C) Both A and B

D) Sanity clauses

6) In general all risk falls into four categories. Which of the following is not one of those categories?

A) Contractual risk

B) Act of God

C) Acceptable risk

D) Operational risk

7) The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to all of the following except:

A) The elderly

B) People with food intake restrictions

C) People in wheelchairs

D) The visually impaired

8) The Federal Copyright Act states that when music is "performed," royalties must be given to those who own the copyright of that music. The exception to this rule is:

A) If the music is performed by a live orchestra

B) If the music is significantly arranged differently

C) If the music is being played over a single home-style radio or TV

D) If the music is over 25 years old

9) The process by which a meeting planner and a hotel representative (or another supplier) reach an agreement on the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship before, during, and after an event is called:

A) Recovery

B) Negotiation

C) Preparedness

D) Risk Management

10) Which of these words should be avoided because it sounds acceptable, but is not specific?

A) Projected

B) Reasonable

C) Anticipated

D) All of the above

11) Which of the following generates the major share of hotel revenue?

A) sleeping rooms

B) cancellation fees

C) catered food and beverage

D) contents of mini-bars

12) What is usually negotiable in a hotel contract?

A) Audiovisual rates

B) Limo services

C) Everything is negotiable

D) Nothing — rates are pre-set

13) According to a national survey, for typical hotels, occupancy is highest on what night?

A) Saturday

B) Friday

C) Sunday

D) Wednesday

14) According to a national survey, for typical hotels, occupancy is lowest on what night?

A) Friday

B) Sunday

C) Saturday

D) Wednesday

15) Another word for a hotel's published room rates is?

A) Demand rates

B) Rack rates

C) Yield rates

D) Official rates

16) An agreement between two parties that details the intention of the parties to do (or not do) specific things is called a(n):

A) Memorandum

B) Parol

C) Contract

D) Attrition clause

17) A valid, written contract must contain which of the following?

A) Identity of the parties

B) A statement of consideration

C) Identification or recitation of the subject matter

D) All of the above

18) Another name for evidence of an oral agreement is:

A) Attrition evidence

B) Pickup evidence

C) Parol evidence

D) Majeure evidence

19) Another name for performance or slippage clauses in a contract is:

A) Attrition clause

B) Parol clause

C) Sanity clause

D) Force Majeure clause

20) A provision that permits either party to terminate the contract without damages if fulfillment of the obligations imposed in the agreement is rendered impossible by occurrences outside of the control of either party is called a(n):

A) Force Majeure clause

B) Sanity clause

C) Parol clause

D) Attrition clause

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

21) For an offer to be accepted, the acceptance must be unequivocal and in the same terms as the offer.

22) It is preferable to list the name of the hotel as contracting party (for example, "New Orleans Acme Hotel") rather than the parent organization (for example, "Acme Hotels Limited").

23) It is acceptable to sign a contract in which major items are left to future negotiations.

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