The Payroll Department of DuMont has a policy ofwaiting one

Question : The Payroll Department of DuMont has a policy ofwaiting one : 5866

The Payroll Department of DuMont has a policy ofwaiting one full week before correcting any paycheckerrors of $30 or less. However, any pay shortages thatexceed $30 are made up the same day. Also, anyamounts less than $30 are made up the same day whenthe particular circumstances of the employees indicatethat it would place an undue hardship on them to waituntil the next pay one week later.Denise Harris, an order checker in DuMont’s Ship-ping Department, discovered an error of $28.34 in herweekly check. When Harris reported the error, a pay-roll clerk informed her that she would have to waituntil the next week’s paycheck to recover the amount,since the underpayment was less than $30.What is your reaction to DuMont’s policy of pro-viding for paycheck corrections? Assume that Harrisprotests the delay and in court argues that her earnedwages should be paid on the date due. As the judgehearing the case, how would you decide                                                   


Dumont has the policy of correcting the error below $30 on next week , It is upto the company that what is its policy considering the circumsatance exists. It is general rule that that below $30 error is rectified on next week but there is also a provision to rectify it same day based on the employee situation. The situation for Denise here calls for that special provision of company thats why she bothers to go to the court for this amount, taking this in account Dumont should rectify the error on same day for Denise Harris.


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